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The type of customer that fits the Max Vitality male enhancement mold would be any male, ages 18 to 75, ready to better their sexual health. The stories submitted by our customers range from an 18 year old young man to a 67 year young customer feeling like an 18 year old. Male enhancement can happen to any man at any age. Read their stories below.

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Case 1: Sammy /Tampa, FL.

It is a great day to be Sammy! I wanted to send the good people at Max-Rx this testimonial to express my great satisfaction of your product.

My name is Sammy and I am 67 years old in good health. I have been married to my first and only wife for 44 years. My wife and I have always vowed to keep our sex life strong since we feel it keeps you alive. As you may know, the older you get, the harder (or shall I say less harder) it gets. After discussing my options with my doctor, he went over the prescription medicines now available, then went over the many side effects that could accompany them. My response was, "Why risk my good health for something that I can still control at times?". So I quickly stated my displeasure with these options.

My doctor then started to explain the alternative to prescription medication and told me of the many nutraceuticals available these days that help with kind of condition. He explained that he had researched several and the one male enhancement product that caught his eye as a reliable product was made by you guys (Max-Rx).

After hearing this I did my own research at home and found several good articles about the herbs, or nutraceuticals as they kept referring to them, and began to find a comfort in trying it. After all, the side effects for a healthy person were NONE!

I researched a few products that I found in magazines and on the internet and decided to give the Max-Vitality male enhancement a shot. All I can say is I am happy to be Sammy. My wife and I feel like we're 18 again and it's like I haven't skipped a beat. My wife has even started to take your female product and is enjoying it as well.

So while this may be too long for your use, my wife and I want to send our most sincere "THANK YOU" to the company of Max-Rx for developing such a wonderful product. Also feel free to use this however you wish.

CASE 2: Mohammed /New York City, NY

I am still amazed at how this male enhancement product has made my erection size bigger. When I think about it, I just do not understand how the stuff works in my body to target that area only. Either way, your men's vitality formula is a confidence builder for me. I've been embarrassed of my erection size for most of my short life, I am only 19. The girls I have known talk among themselves about how this guy doesn't have what it takes or this guy can't perform. I was with one girl and I felt very shy about being intimate with her. While she told me everything was ok, I was not confident at all.

I was told of your formula by a buddy of mine that said it was a pretty good male enhancement to take. I have been taking it for 5 months now and it seems like I am more confident than I have ever been. I really notice the size of my erection being much bigger and harder. I have been with a couple of girls and I had no problem being intimate with them. My friends have asked me what I've changed about myself, but it will be my secret I will not tell them. So please do not publish my full name. I live in NYC and confidence is everything in this city.

Submitting my story will not only help me get a little money in my pocket, but it also helps me spread the word to people I don't know about how good this product really is. Take it from a young, once unconfident, now confident point in his life. Take this product if you want more confidence about your manhood.

CASE 3: Steve /Los Angeles, CA

Hello Max-Rx, my name is Steve and my buddies call me "Sloth". My story will explain my name and serve as my testimonial. I hope my story is used because it is very true and I am very happy with this stuff.

Let's just say that I have always been talked about with the girls. I think I'm a pretty good looking guy and I have never had a problem hooking up with women, but there has always been a condition I've suffered from most of my life. I have this problem of "ending our session" too quickly, if you catch my drift. This has caused me to have to move very slowly during sex so I didn't lose what erection I had worked up. Of course word moved around and all my friends found out I had to move real slow, or sloth like, so I could last longer. So one buddy called me sloth and the name has stuck with me.

I tried everything I could think of to help my situation and some things kind of worked, but most of the time it failed. I was reading my monthly subscription of Rolling Stone and found your ad in it showing the picture of the man that put it to the girl. It made me want to be that guy. I read all of the information you have here and figured it couldn't hurt me, so I bought a 4 month supply of your male enhancement product. I took it consistently and the results are phenomenal. My erections are really hard and bigger giving me the idea that she can't handle it. I know it sounds weird, but it somehow helps me forget about my "quick" condition and I last longer. One other thing about vitality formula. I workout 5 days a week and my workouts are so intense and my burns are out of this world. So it has served as a sexual aid and a workout supplement to my surprise. I had never heard of the term male enhancement before, but I sure am glad I did!

Please use my testimonial. It is a real life true story and I have already purchased a second supply of it. Using my story will prove to people it works and help me buy more in the future.

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